Sarah Jessica Parker’s Sun-Kissed Highlights Are the Pro Secret to Glowy Skin

This article first appeared on British Vogue.


Sun-kissed hair is Parker’s signature, and has been for many years. She has worked with New York-based colorist, Gina Gilbert, for almost two decades, and the pair have nailed the art of natural-looking balayage. “I paint her ends with a higher volume of peroxide so it moves from dark roots to lighter on the ends,” Gilbert previously told Vogue. “It looks like the sun’s touched it that way.”

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Sarah Jessica Parker attended a party at Kensington Palace on Wednesday, thrown in honor of her and her husband, fellow actor Matthew Broderick. Resplendent in an emerald green Elie Saab dress, SJP sported an enviable golden tan alongside hair that looked suitably sun-kissed as the summer draws to a close.

Sarah Jessica parker is now 58, and has never looked better. Stealthy placement of lighter hair color can make the world of difference to any complexion, no matter your age, so if you’re struggling with getting your glow on, why not give it a try?

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Parker’s hair looks even blonder and brighter than usual recently, but her extra light “money pieces”—the strands that frame the face—are always present. Gilbert adds these in for a reason: they are the perfect way to brighten and lift the skin, and draw attention to the face’s key features. “Sarah has these beautiful crystal blue eyes and they’re highlighted by these lighter pieces,” Gilbert has said.