Halle Berry Rocked a Slit So High It Made Me Nervous

Halle Berry was all smiles in New York City on September 21, Drake feud be damned. The Catwoman star posed for pictures outside Fast Company’s Innovation Festival in a business casual look with a sexy daytime twist. The actor built the ensemble around a figure-hugging gray wrap skirt that was seemingly secured with just a … ادامه

7 Best Facial Steamers for Acne & Dryness, According to Dermatologists

What the best facial steamers promise to do for your skin may not seem as dramatic as the best LED face masks or microcurrent devices like the NuFace, but experts say there are benefits to incorporating this spa-treatment-like device in your skin care routine. As part of a weekly regimen that proceeds gentle cleansing, facial … ادامه

Mocha Nails Are the Caffeine Fix We Need This Fall

If you’ve swapped over from cold frappe drinks to something steeped and steamy, welcome to fall. We needed an update to our caffeine fix, but mocha nails are proof that this season’s hottest beverages (I meant that literally) don’t strictly need to come in a keep cup. Things are beginning to look a lot cozier, … ادامه

Kylie Jenner Upgraded Her Little Black Dress in Under Five Minutes With This Easy Styling Trick

Kylie Jenner recently showed off an easy styling trick that can upgrade even the plainest little black dress in under five minutes. Naturally, she did so at the Prada fashion show in Milan, where season after season fantastic fashion moments are created not only on the runway but also by the high-profile star guests sitting … ادامه

How to Use Conditioner Properly, According to Hairstylists

Washing your hair might seem pretty straightforward, but not knowing how to use conditioner is one of the most common hair care mistakes you can make, according to hairstylists. Isn’t conditioner sort of self explanatory? Well, not really, seeing as multiple top stylists from across the country cite improper conditioning as the biggest hair care … ادامه

Luciana Barroso Paints the Town Red in a Head-Turning Cocktail Dress Alongside Matt Damon

Luciana Barroso—furniture designer as well as Matt Damon’s wife of nearly two decades—stepped out in the season’s hottest hue for the World’s Most Fascinating Dinner. With fellow celebrities such as Ludacris, Jeremy Allen White, and Zoe Saldaña, Barroso, wrapped in a bright red one-shouldered dress and strappy heels in a matching color, arrived at New … ادامه

Sophie Turner and Taylor Swift Reunited For Another Girls’ Night Out

Sophie Turner and Taylor Swift met up in New York City for their second outing of the week. After being spotted having dinner together at Temple Bar only a couple of days prior, the actor and singer reunited for another girls’ night out—this time at the Barrière Fouquet Hotel with the Haim sisters in tow. … ادامه

Katie Holmes Comes Out as a Swiftie

Katie Holmes must be exhausted. She, like many other famous people, seems to have been tasked with undertaking a never-ending walk around Manhattan. This is an observation informed by hundreds of paparazzi photos, which document the actor in near-constant transit. It’s pure speculation, but the same painstaking endeavour once caused Emily Ratajowski’s loafers to melt … ادامه

Leave It to Emily Ratajkowski to Sex Up Cottagecore

Emily Ratajkowski stepped out on September 21 in a cottagecore look—or did she? The term cottagecore sits within a very specific idea of sexiness: the sensuality of the soil; baskets of rotund fruits; milk. Built on abundant fantasies of pastoral life, it offers an alternative to mainstream fashion’s hard-and-fast eroticism. And yet it’s easy to … ادامه

50 Best Self-Care Gifts for Anyone Who Could Use R&R in 2023

That slow-moving time after the holidays is ideal for hitting the reset button with the best self-care gifts. After securing the best gifts for friends, family, and coworkers, a present that pampers and relaxes is always great for refreshing the vibes—be it for yourself or a loved one who had an equally busy holiday season. … ادامه