61 Chic ‘Emily in Paris’ Gifts, According to the Show’s Cast


Gifts edited by Andrea Zendejas, Danielle Flum, and Laynie RouchWhy yes—I mean, oui!—it’s that time of year again. Time to make the list, check it twice, add a million things to your cart in a total panic, pray to the credit card gods, curse that cute wrapping paper you bought because it was not supposed to cut you like that, and…so on. Holiday shopping is super stressful, end of story. You’ve got to confirm that all the gifts you’re giving are shipping in time and then you’ve gotta double-check you’re not forgetting anyone or, gasp, that you won’t be left empty-handed after your boss (what?! how?! why!) hands you something actually thoughtful.

To help you manage all of that, we called in the experts, by which we mean the cast of Netflix’s Emily in Paris. Because pourquoi pas? If anyone knows what to get a bestie, a boyfriend, a random coworker, or a very sophisticated person you really want to impress, it’s these characters. I mean, Emily and Co. essentially please difficult people for a living? Scroll on to see what Lily Collins (Emily), Ashley Park (Mindy), Lucien Laviscount (Alfie), Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu (Sylvie), Samuel Arnold (Julien), and Bruno Gouery (Luc) have picked out for their on-screen personas, and you’ll be crossing off everyone on your list tout de suite.

Psst, ma chérie, one more thing! Emily in Paris Saison Trois premieres on Netflix December 21.

what to get yourself

emily in paris


You may not be a chic American transplant vive-ing your best life in Paris, but you should still buy yourself something nice, non? It’s been A Year and you deserve a little luxury, a little self care, a little retail therapy! Raise your hand if you’ve been eyeing the pajama set with the feather trim for years and haven’t quiiite clicked *add to cart* yet? Do it! If not now, when? And if not feather trimmed pajamas, what about a croissant lamp? Listen, I don’t make the rules, I just enforce them.

To EMILY from LILY COLLINS: “As a brand ambassador for Cartier, I’ve become a big fan of their bags. I’d give Emily the Nano Double C de Cartier because she’s always carrying so many things. The crossbody strap allows her to be hands-free and très fashionable.”

Nano Double C de Cartier Bag



Shop Emily’s bag and other delectable picks below.

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what to get your boyfriend

emily in paris


Alfie, stop smiling at me like thaaat! Perfect cheekbones aside, your boyfriend—Alfie or otherwise—ought to receive an extremely thoughtful gift. You know him better than anyone else! Which means the pressure is on and the stakes are high. And no, sorry, socks aren’t going to cut it again this year. Luckily for you, a boyfriend or partner would love any of the scrumptious gift ideas below—or if you’re miraculously rolling in the dough (hi, adopt me) then why not snap up this Alfie-approved dime, er, I mean, time piece?

To ALFIE from LUCIEN LAVISCOUNT: “I’d splurge on this Audemars Piguet watch because quality time is Alfie’s love language.”



Audemars Piguet


Okay, yeah, that’s sweet but also wildly pricey. Trust, there are lots of other picks below.

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what to get your best friend

emily in paris


Your bestie is not afraid to stand out, and that’s why you love her. Show her off with gifts like look-at-me chartreuse mules, a rainbow bodycon dress, or a chic hat. Or? Let her know you see her talent with a cute karaoke mic. Yes, just like shopping for a partner, the stress of giving your best friend the perfect gift is real. But relax because we’ve got inspo for days…

To MINDY from ASHLEY PARK: “I’d get Mindy this Valentino Beauty eyeshadow palette because it can match the mood of any soirée or stage. Smokey eye? Subtle spotlight? Bold graphic? Oui, oui, oui!”


Color Flip Eyeshadow Palette



Ahoy, cap’n, more gift ideas for your BFF ahead.

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what to get your boss

emily in paris


…Or anyone you don’t know that well but need to impress, like your mother-in-law, an uptight coworker, your boyfriend’s work clients who are throwing a party you have to attend for some reason. Nothing says “I’ve got my sh*t together” like an aesthetically-pleasing luxury item, so let’s peruse, shall we?

To SYLVIE from PHILIPPINE LEROY-BEAULIEU: “I would buy Sylvie L’iris by Santa Maria Novella. It’s earthy, flowery, and mysterious, like her, from a Florentine brand that’s 800 years old. Tradition and luxury—just what Sylvie likes.”


eau de parfum

Santa Maria Novella L’Iris


It’s me. Hi, I’m the problem Sylvie, it’s me. (In other words, I would also like this, pls.) More thoughts on gifts for bosses, coming right up:

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what to get your work husband

emily in paris


You and your work husband have been through a lot. Pay him back for all those venting sessions with something nice. A fab pair of headphones, maybe? Or, oooh, what about a skincare set that’ll have them glowing? We can’t stress enough the value of these coworker relationships—where would we be without their chaotic side Slacks, or side-eyes across cubicles? Nowhere! So, yes, gifts are a must!

To JULIEN from SAMUEL ARNOLD: “From me, Julien would get a Gucci briefcase to keep all his racks in before making it rain in the club.”


Um, okay, Samuel. IDK about “making it rain in the club,” but I do know that pretty much anyone would want a Gucci bag, so…proceed.

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what to get your secret santa

emily in paris


The key to a successful Secret Santa exchange is giving the coolest and most universally useful item. That way, everyone else will be jealous of whoever receives your gift and that’s how you win. Wait, are you saying it isn’t a competition? Well, tell that to Bruno and his amazing suggestion.

To LUC from BRUNO GOUERY: “Cycling for Luc is a way of life. His Parisian riding style is just like him: independent, extravagant, and often confusing. This pricey bike I am sure will make him happy! BANG!”

Beaumont Rev Electric City Bike – Step Through



$699.99 (46% off)

BANG, indeed. But also, more inspo right here.

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