22 Best Oral Sex Toys 2022

Fact of life: For many folks with vulvas, oral sex can feel even more pleasurable than penetrative sex. Oral that puts your clitoris in the spotlight can lead to a higher chance of reaching orgasm, and when done correctly, there’s truly N-O-T-H-I-N-G like it…except, ofc, for oral sex toys. While there are tons of great internal vibrators, people who are all about external stim should probably turn their attention to all the sex toys out there that imitate oral sex and focus on clit stimulation in a variety of new ways.

When it comes to the best oral sex toys, there are a few categories. You’ve got suction toys that simulate the feeling of getting your clit sucked (think a mini blowjob for your clit) using air pressure or sonic waves. You’ve also got tongue vibes with fake tongue-like nubbins that move around like a flickering tongue. And you’ve got oral sex vibrators that do both jobs at once for a totally mind-blowing experience. Here are a few oral sex imitators that have earned rave reviews.

Our top picks for oral sex toys for 2022:

Ahead, all the very best sex toys on the market rn, including clit-sucking vibrators, tongue vibrators, and a few toys that do it all.

1. Lelo Ora 3


The latest version of the fan-fave Lelo Ora uses rotating “pleasure nodes” and firmer, faster movements to feel like the most realistic fake-tongue toy ever. The tongue nubbin rotates, vibrates, has 12 settings, is totally waterproof, and is super quiet to boot. Loveeee.

THE REVIEWS: According to one tester, “I was looking for a toy that would mimic the sensation of oral sex, and let me tell you, it’s pretty dang close!!! Best purchase ever. 10/10 would recommend.”

2. Pipedream Fantasy for Her Ultimate Pleasure


Pipedream Fantasy for Her Ultimate Pleasure

If you want a suction toy that focuses on your whole vulva and not just your clit (valid), try the Fantasy for Her Ultimate Pleasure. It’s got a little cup that fits around your vulva, and it uses a combo of suction and stimulation from its soft silicone tongue to drive ya wild. As a bonus, it’s waterproof and rechargeable and equipped with tons of different function modes.

THE REVIEWS: “It’s hard for me to even find the words to explain how amazing this device is. Like seriously!” one review reads. “I was a little hesitant because it is a little pricey but let me tell you, it is well worth it and then some!! Complete and utter ecstasy and euphoria guaranteed!!”

3. Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Gen


Satisfyer’s toys are always really good quality and fan-favorites for the price point, and this bb’s no exception. The Pro 2 is a great choice for beginners, with 11 different speeds, an intuitive design, and an easy-to-grip handle. While it’s not the most intense toy in terms of suction, it’s so easy to use, and it’s waterproof, so you can take it with you into the tub.

THE REVIEWS: One reviewer says, My wife has already said that she is legit considering throwing it in the trash, for fear that her affinity for it may eventually adversely affect our marriage—she’s that attached to it already, after one 2-minute session. Pretty remarkable.”

4. PHANXY Rose Vibrator


Not looking to drop a ton of cash on an oral sex toy? Then you should probs check out this rose-shaped option with the flickering tongue. Even doubters have been won over by this tiny but powerful vibe, which is totally waterproof, rechargeable, and equipped with nine different licking and vibration modes.

THE REVIEWS: I was skeptical but I needed to see just what all the hype was about and, let me tell you, I am on cloud 9,” reads one review. “This was the best investment ever. This little bad boy is amazing. It has different modes but, baby, I couldn’t get past the first one. If you’re looking for something small that packs a lot of power, but not even just power—it feels as if you are receiving the best oral sex you’ve ever had in your life!”

5. Womanizer Pro 40


The internet-famous Womanizer Pro 40 is sleek, slim, waterproof, and wickedly powerful. It’s equipped with six intensity levels, so you can find the right setting for you and reach ecstasy at lightning speed—plus, Amazon has it available at an unbeatable price.

THE REVIEWS: Bought this as a gift for the wife,” says one tester. “If she’d be willing to spend $1 for every ‘Big O,’ she would have already paid back $20, and that was just the first session! Yes, you read that right, 20 times the first time she used it. I had to pry it from her hands to get her to stop.”

6. We-Vibe Melt


The We-Vibe Melt is one of the slimmer profile suction vibes and is designed as such so it can fit more comfortably between two bodies during sex. There’s also 12 vibration modes and a low-battery indicator so you have some warning before potentially being heartbroken by a dying vibrator right before you climax. Oh, and did we mention that it can be controlled using the We-Connect app?

THE REVIEWS: “This got here in 2 days…and once it did, it got me there in 3 minutes,” one review reads. “Best $150 ever spent…10/10 recommend.”

7. Smile Makers The French Lover

Smile Makers

Smile Makers The French Lover



If you like a lil (or a lot!) of tongue action, then this is the little bb you need to get. Given its name, you can expect this toy to French kiss your bits very passionately. (Just look at that tongue-like design!) With six different settings and a four-hour run time, you can go all night long. Can you say, oui oui!

THE REVIEWS: “Well this one surprised me,” writes one reviewer. “The touch is definitely different but it feels so good, especially if you add some lubricant. The high speed really gets you over the edge while the lower [ones] are great for building intensity. It’s a slow burn, but oh so explosive. If you like oral, this is pretty much better.”

8. Dame Aer


Another great beginner toy, this suction one has a mouthpiece that’ll seal around your clitoris and create “pulses of air” for a thrilling sensation. You can also easily target the area with five different speeds and patterns.

THE REVIEWS: According to one review, “This is my first suction toy and I didn’t really know what to expect, but it took me to a happy place and beyond! Like leg shaking uncontrollable climax. Crazy good!”

9. LELO Sona 2 Cruise


The bestselling vibe on Cosmo ever since it came out, the Lelo Sona famously gave one of our editors a “totally new kind of orgasm.” The newer version features even more range in patterns, so you can start out with an even gentler setting (the OG one was…pretty strong), and a wider opening to better fit all kinds of anatomy.

THE REVIEWS: Had this for a few weeks now, and I have to refrain myself from using it every day, that’s how good it is,” writes one tester. “Never have I so easily and intensely reached climax, over…and over…and over…again. Get this, gals! You won’t regret it, I promise you!!!”

10. ZALO Hero Clitoral Massager


ZALO Hero Clitoral Massager

Yes, it’s pretty, but this luxe clitoral massager doesn’t just look good— it also features a soft silicone tip that quickly waggles up and down like a tongue (and by quickly, we mean up-to-75-swings-per-second quick). It’s compact, water-resistant, rechargeable, packed with several different modes and functions, and even embellished with a genuine Swarovski crystal.

THE REVIEWS: “I like a more intense feeling with my vibrators, and let me tell you, this toy delivers,” one reviewer says. “It takes a bit to work out the best place to position it, but once you find the sweet spot, you’re golden…If you’re a fan of pulsation, this toy is for you.”

11. Smile Makers The Poet

Smile Makers

Smile Makers The Poet



How cute is this tulip-shaped suction toy? This beginner-friendly option offers a super personalized experience, thanks to the three interchangeable mouths included with this one. Choose the piece that’s best for you, or switch them out whenever you want to try something new.

THE REVIEWS: According to one review,This isn’t the first clit suction toy I’ve used but I honestly loved how unique it looked and felt on me. The sensors on the side were a really cool feature and the mouth shape felt oh so lovely.”

12. Better Love Blowfish

Ella Paradis

In addition to looking cute as heck, the Blowfish tongue vibe is a best seller at Ella Paradis thanks to its double-sided clitoral stimulator, seven suction modes, travel-friendly design, and “magic tongue” function.

THE REVIEWS:Get this toy!! Just get it!! It’s AMAZING!!!” one review reads. “Oh my gosh I very rarely have an orgasm, and I’ve used virtually every toy out there with minimal success. But THIS one, AAAHHH!!! Two minutes ladies!! TWO MINUTES and I had a toe-curling eye-rolling mind-blowing orgasm!!!”

13. Tracy’s Dog OG Pro2

Tracy’s Dog

Yep, this bb blew up on TikTok for a reason. This toy uses incredible suction to stimulate your clit, and it’s designed with a bendy internal attachment so you can wear it during partnered, penetrative sex. A win-win! Plus, it’s remote-control operated, so you can let your partner take the reins.

THE REVIEWS: “This thing is beyond awesome!” reads one review. “I had my doubts and have had many vibrators in my day, and this one gives you the big ‘O’ every time. If you haven’t tried or don’t have one yet, time to invest—[you] definitely will not be sorry you did!”

14. Lora DiCarlo Baci

Lora DiCarlo

Another great suction sex toy, the Lora DiCarlo Baci has a raised ridge below the mouth of the suction apparatus to massage more of your vulva as well. Where some toys like the Dame Aer or We-Vibe Melt just have an opening for the clit suction, the Baci has more surface area for even greater sensation and pressure.

THE REVIEWS:All I can say is, WOW!” one tester says. “I think I’ve been waiting for a toy like this my whole life. Baci will give you the most intense orgasm you’ve ever had.”

15. ZALO Queen Set

Queen Set G-spot PulseWave Vibrator with Suction Sleeve

This 2-in-1 vibe was made for a queen (c’mon, look at that gold detailing and Swarovski crystal!). When you want that oral-like stimulation, use the detachable suctioning sleeve. And when you want internal stimulation, just remove the sleeve before inserting. Genius!

THE REVIEWS: “Just had the best orgasm of my damn life,” writes one reviewer. “I can highly recommend Queen to anyone—like, I’m speechless of how good it is. 10/10 product, worth every penny. If you want to get to know yourself, buy this product!!!”

16. Emojibator Chickie


Sometimes it’s better to reach for a more discrete option when it comes to sex toys, and nothing is more undercover than this lil chick. Not only does it have eight vibration and suction patterns, but it’s also waterproof for some serious shower fun. Talk about a good time!

THE REVIEWS: One tester writes, “I won’t get too graphic, but I’m telling you that if you have never received oral that’s brought you to climax ,then meet meet your new oral fwb, because it took nearly 10 seconds for me the first time using it!”

17. Unbound Puff


Pretty, petite, and oh-so powerful, this cutie from Unbound has earned over 2,000 five-star reviews for a reason: It gets sh*t done. You’ll love that it’s waterproof, rechargeable, equipped with five intensity settings, and *actually* whisper-quiet.

THE REVIEWS: One tester says, Without getting too graphic, I honestly couldn’t seem to put it down once I started it up. Get this. It is one of the few online purchases possible out there that will actually change your life.”

18. CalExotics Inspire Flickering Intimate Arouser


CalExotics Inspire Flickering Intimate Arouser

This gorge handheld vibe features a soft silicone tongue that flicks around with 10 different speeds, plus a warming function that allows it to quickly match your body temperature. And yes, it’s waterproof and rechargeable, so it really checks all the boxes. Oh, and CalExotics donates proceeds from this toy to Living Beyond Breast Cancer, so all the more reason to get it.

THE REVIEWS: “My mind is still blown by this,” one review reads. “I found this easy to use, fun, and perfect for the price. Plus, this purchase supported breast cancer, which is just one more reason to get this incredible toy.”

19. Lora DiCarlo Filare

Lora DiCarlo

The Filare is a clitoral massager with two rotating nodes that mimic the feel of a VERY nimble tongue swirling and stroking your clit, and with three stimulation modes and 10 intensity settings, you can find the speed that works best for you. It’s rechargeable and waterproof, and just look how cute!!

THE REVIEWS: “I got the Filare as an early Christmas treat for myself this year and boy, am I glad I did,” writes one reviewer. “I was able to get it in just the right spot within an few minutes and reached climax soon after. That’s how good it is.”

20. LELO Sila


Compared to a lot of other toys, this one has a much wider “mouth,” meaning you won’t have to put it directly on your clit to feel the sensations. It’s designed to engage your entire erogenous area, so you can get that sensual, slow build-up of an orgasm we all hope to achieve.

THE REVIEWS: One tester says,I bought this and was absolutely amazed by the results!!! I can’t stop talking about it! It’s amazing and beats anything else out there on the market!! Changed my world!”

21. Womanizer Premium


One of the more expensive suction vibes, the first iteration of the Womanizer was one of the very first clitoral suction vibes to hit the market a few years ago. Since then the design has changed, but the game-changing technology is still there and worth the hefty price. It’s USB rechargeable and has one of the best battery life we’ve ever seen. Two hours of charging gets you four (yes, FOUR) hours of play.

THE REVIEWS: Absolutely recommended!” one review reads. “I used this beauty in the shower and oh my, I could barely stand. What an orgasm this toy makes me experience. Don’t think twice—just buy it, girl.”

22. Cake Little Sucker


This handheld tool from Cake comes packed with 10 different suction modes, ranging from a soft tickle to serious sucking action. And even though it’ll only cost ya $30, it’s rechargeable and fully waterproof and can last for 70 minutes of continuous play.

THE REVIEWS: I’ve always felt like clitoral stimulation felt good but it alone couldn’t take me anywhere,” writes one reviewer. “This toy changed it all! I let it create that little seal of suction and I was done in less than 60 seconds. It doesn’t feel like oral—it is so much more intense.”